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Creative Cup Designs

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If you are a coffee or tea fan, perhaps you might be interested in a many different cups designs. This post will introduce you to the most creative of the tableware: cup designs.


Amazing Cup Collections

If you are an avid coffee drinker, you certainly enjoy new creative cup designs. This post opens with an amazing Hover Mug by Tigere Chiriga. This is a coaster free cup, that won’t leave any stains and dirt on the table. These cups are gaining its popularity, and are about to be released for purchase in mass production.
Another creative cup design in our collection is the collection from Das Rote Paket. Technically it is not really a coffee cup, but a tea cup shaped lamp. Looks like an actual tea cup that is inverted with a hanging down tea bag.
Another of the kind is the tea set from Bailey Doesn’t Bark. Looks like an original cups, except that they have the trace of the tea bag and a tea spoon on the plate. Isn’t it a cute idea?
The Alt.mug coffee cups presents a very surprising and creative design. The collection looks like a simple coffee mug, yet have an unexpected twist. The coffee mugs are designed to be used multipurposely: like moneybox, an ashtray or even a golf mug. The concept is pretty realistic as sometimes we tend to use some items for not their original purpose.
MyCuppa seem to have an interesting cup design, as it it not only a functional cup but also have a color scheme for each type of tea and coffee. From now on you would know which type of drink you have. Sort of resembles the stylish coffee mug which would be special for any coffee house. It offers to make your order without speaking a word.

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