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Contemporary Mirrors: From Basics To Abstract

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Contemporary furnishing items can sometimes be quite surprising and not serve their original purpose. How about taking a quick tour through the contemporary mirrors that came out recently, which take a surprising walk away from the basics to abstract mirror creations that only mimic the original concept.

Contemporary Mirror Designs


Mirror Mirror by Antonio Forteleoni

Mirror Mirror by Antonio Forteleoni

This mirror is not actually a mirror as it should be but a concept extended beyond the line. The Mirror Mirror project is a set of three non-mirrored tinted glass panels connected together. They have a property of reflecting the surrounding world, while still being rather transparent.

So you get a mirror that you can look at and at the same time to see through it. Just imagine how it feels like to look at your own reflection while still being able to see through the mirror.

Fathom Mirror by Joe Doucet


Fathom Mirror by Joe Doucet

The Fathom mirror is dedicated to the memory of devastation brought by Hurricane Sandy that hit the East coast of Northern America in 2012. The upper part of the mirror has normal reflecting properties, while the second part is blue and distorting the image as if an object is underwater. It is a beautiful reminder of destructive episodes of nature, and as mentioned by Doucet:

my thoughts turned to how quickly we forget about events of such devastation

Ocean Mirrors by Humberto & Fernando Campana


Ocean Mirror by Campana Brothers

Artistic Campana brothers have created unique mirrors that they have entitled the Ocean Collection. As mentioned by the designers’ duo:

…We wanted to create an art installation where mirrors connect with other realities and become synonyms of other dimensions. So we’re re-visiting our start now using new materials and benefitting from the maturity of our work.

The idea being pretty simple seems to quite funky. They have decorated the edges of the mirrors with felt, rubber carpet and EVA of different colors to imitate the ripples. The Ocean collection was displayed at Carpenters Workshop Gallery exhibition.

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