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Contemporary Lighting Fixtures

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Light fixtures these days, seem to be quite odd! Sometimes we wonder what type of furnitshing is it, or maybe it is even an art installation? With these thoughts in mind, we are exploring the weird world of the contemporary lighting fixtures of recent time.

Modern Lights

Contemporary furnishing is just not the same anymore. There is a tendency to make it unexpainable pieces of art, a statement of the artist’s ideas and exactly on these types of lighting fixtures we are going to talk about. We will start with Bipolar Pendant lights by Tat Chao.
The Montreal based designer has made these capsule looking pendants, that appear to be floating in the air. If you are concerned with the weird shape of the pendant, it is probably because the lamps were made from the distorted champagne glasses. Tat Chao has designed the pendants as a part of the In Vitro collection, which stands for rebirth of the rejected objects.
Another weird creation in our collection is the Photon Vortex lights by Rotterdam-based designer Arnout Meijer. It is composed out of Nickel plated steel, led, acrylic, electronics, museum glass but the actual magic happens when you look at it. The Photon Vortex is shaped by our looking at it! Here is a description of how it works: “The positive afterimage of the human eye materializes the path of a moving light source. When this kinetic object spins fast enough the light appears to be made of static floating circles. Together with the focal glow against the wall the led circles create an intangible composition of different layers of light”. Weird futuristic masterpiece!
One of the most weird creations of the recent is the following robot, as if the previous was conventional! The VDI 2860 – The Worker Lamp by Pascal Howe is a robot lamp, which is four meters high! The inspiration came suddenly when he was browsing in some shop, and he glanced over the RPM1.3 from Pro-Ject. The function over for conquered his mind, and he decided to create something really amazing, with no regards at how it would appear. “The technology is not hidden from the user” – is what motivated Howe to create such a lamp.

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