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Connection: Carpet to Unite People

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If you like handmade accessories for the house, you would be surprised to learn the unique story of the connection carpet designed by a group of Slovenian enthusiasts!

CONNECTION: Carpet in progress by Oloop Design

“CONNECTION: Carpet in progress” is a unique project by a group of Slovenian designers from Oloop Design, which work in diverse fields of visual arts and design, such as product design, space design, urban installation, textile art. The carpet of our interest is a simple carpet, which is handmade – but the story of its creation is quite unique.

Slovenian textile designers & artists, Katja Burger, Tjaša Bavcon, and Jasmina Ferček have asked random people to participate in creation of the carpet with simple carpet making technique. In celebration of the manual labor, the carpet turned out quite bright and funky. It is actually more than a carpet, because it is a “visual installation” in progress. The official description of the project is very laconic, yet quite direct:

“Symbolic carpet area which will connect us and visitors to work together. The resulting textiles will holds the record of each individual and the entire group at the same time”.

So you see, the observers were not passive, but some of them even took part in the process of creating the carpet. The technique was quite simple with no additional tools needed. The main goal of this project was to present contemporary textile art and design in the given cultural Slovenian context. This way, we can see that each twist in the carpet tells its own story, as wanted by the Oloop design.
Apart from this exciting project, Oloop designs also participates in other educational activities, while also being engaged in small production. They make handmade felted woolen soap and Squareplay. If you are interested in their work, you should know that Oloop design group is a part of a permanent exhibition at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana. Isn’t the colorful carpet a marvelous celebration of handmade crafts of Slovenia?


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