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Concept Lamps by Mike Thompson

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Lamps, as we remember can come in many different designs, but few have barely any concept behind them. This post will introduce you to the lamps that decorate with an attitude, the catchy concept lamps that are created exclusively by Mike Thompson.


Catchy Concept Lamps

Lamps, as any interior décor items come in many forms, colors and designs. However, some people like their décor to be a statement. The concept lamps are all about statement. Statement is usually transferred through design and functionality of the item. This post will be exclusive in revealing the decorative concept lamp designs, which are made by an eco-friendly designer, Mike Thompson.


The first in our list would be the Blood Lamp by Mike Thompson. The lamp looks like a small glass vessel filled with water. However, it is not that simple. In order to turn on the lamp, you have to break the tip, to dissolve special powder and spare some of your own blood. The creator of this amazing décor light accessory is hinting on the price that should be paid for everything we use. The lamp is worth it, just consider, the fact that the average American spends 3383kwh of energy per year. To make it to clear, it is like keeping electricity turned on in four rooms simultaneously for a whole year! This Blood Lamp design is an ultimate concept that is inspiring to use the resources more carefully. Needless to say, that this lamp emanates a fluorescent light that can be used only once.


Another amazing décor lamp idea by Mike Thompson is Latro, an Algae fueled lamp. Latro is a fully organic lamp, which energy is produced by the life of an algae. The algae can be grown easily with just sunlight, carbon dioxide and some water. In the contrast they can synthesize electricity, and small light sensor restricts the light intensity, saving the algae from malnourishment. If placed outside, this lamp can synthesize food from CO2 and water. The accumulated energy is stored in the battery and can be used during nightfall. Of course the Latro lamp needs certain care, because an alga is a living being after all.


The last concept lamp is the Trap light produced by a cooperation of designers, Mike Thompson and Gionata Gatto. Trap light is exploiting the idea of photoluminiscent pigments that transform the waste energy into light. The Trap Light creation starts with glass blowing technique, when the photoluminiscent pigments are blown into the glass structure. Recharging the recycled light from a traditional LED light bulb would provide 8 hours of work for the Trap Light. A duo of creative designers, Mike Thompson and Gionata Gatto, has introduced this lamp to make consumers cherish the ecology and save energy, while continue on using it.

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