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Clothing for Chairs by Eunyoung Jung

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Are you tired of the dull uninteresting chairs? Well, there is an alternative to this: Eunyoung Jung designed the clothing for chairs, that will definitely make your furniture unique.

Playful Prints for Chairs

The playful prints presented by Eunyoung Jung cherish the Christmas atmosphere of this great holiday and are able to give to your chairs the festive look. Korean designer Jung Eunyoung’s ‘clothing’ series, reflects the people’s taste in fashion, through furniture designs. However he started from designed the casual furniture, then he decided the clothing for each one.
The collection includes: Chair 01 Steel _Accomplished, and transforms it with various outfits, woven and covered, respectively invoking festive holidays; Chair 02 _Happy Christmas, celebrity and stardom; Chair 03 _Twinkle; and…pets Chair 04 _My puppy – fun fur lives!

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