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Capri&Voici from Italamp

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Do you like delicate decor accessories, imitating real life objects? If no, you haven’t seen those astonishing lamps! This post presents to you incredibly feminine and delicate Capri and Voici lamps, from Italamp company.

Intriguing delicate lamps

Capri and Voici are the examples of the amazing made in Italy brand “Italamp”, that has been in business for over 35 years! The main goal of the company is to make accessible lighting inspired from the observation of life. Objects that get you inspired and enchant are transformed into decor objects. This is the story of Capri and Voice, one formerly being a hat and other the corset. So easy, yet so very delicate.

Capri lamp imitates the female hat, that is such a usual view in summer heat. Fortunately, the lamp is available in different colors, from white to violet and green. The lamp is very ephemeral, as if floating above the table and this unreal sensation is created by the intriguing mix of materials imitating wickerwork. On the other side, Voici lamp is available only in black color, because it is inspired by the femme fatal corset attraction. The Voici lamps are presented in three variations, big, medium and small sized versions. Notice, that the lamps are very feminine and elegant, what makes them a perfect present for any lady!


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