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Cake-Shaped Planter Pots Are Just So Cute You’d Want To Eat Them

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Cakes! They’re delicious, pleasant to look at, and we can’t get enough of them. Unfortunately, we can’t always have all the cake we want. Brian Giniewski aims to solve this problem by making cake-shaped planter pots. Now, excuse me, but I absolutely must write that sentence down again… Cake-shaped planter pots!

Cake-Shaped Planter Pots

Colorful cake-shaped planter pots

It’s not easy to write about cake-shaped planter pots without the entire post becoming one giant OMG it’s so cute, sorry.

But that’s just it, they’re made for very lightly toned, colorful interiors. Any windowsill, any shelf, especially a glass one will be improved by these. Or, alternatively, if you’re very passionate about cakes, you can make a whole sweet table of them as a decoration for your kitchen or dining room, and possible plant something sweet-smelling in them.

While they are absolutely decorative they will probably not survive outside. Made of porous material they only feature glazed ceramic part on top to act as frosting, I suppose. But, anyway, They are cheery, fun-looking, and they are cake-shaped. What else would you possibly want?!

Cake-shaped planter pots and sweets

Cake-shaped planter pots abd baked goods

Pink cake-shaped planter pot

Cake-shaped planter pots

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