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Bright Beads Pendant Lights: Rustic Appeal

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Sometimes furnishing accessories can seem quite surprising, and  sculptural. The Sydney-based organization Marz Designs has made amazing pendant lights, which were entitled “Bright Beads”. In general, these are the lights, which could be used individually or in a cluster, however – the most incredible part is that the whole collection is skillfully crafted and sculptured from wood.

amazing pendant lights by Marz Designs

Unique Wooden Pendant Lights

The wooden pendant lights, which were presented by the Australian design team, mimic the shape of the actual beads but in the enlarged version. The lights are quite simple in their designs, as they seem to be simply a string with a light bulb attached hanging from the ceiling. The only thing that is distinguishing this accessory is the uniquely carved “string”.

amazing pendant lights by Marz Designs

As you know, there are six distinct pendant lights, and you would be surprised – they have names. The design studio Marz Designs has “christianized” them individually – Aztec, Abacus, Art, Aleenta, Africa and Alice. How awesome is that? As mentioned earlier, the collection can be hanged in a cluster for an amazing focal point, or it can be hanged individually. Moreover, the pendant lights add that special rustic appeal to the interior, and the single pendant could add a dramatic point to the interior, or even highlight the interior in terms of colors. It goes especially well with minimalistic shabby interior, more like a rustic one.

amazing pendant lights by Marz Designs

These pendants were created either to be installed by a professional as a permanent fixture or simply hung  from a hook in the ceiling. This project was created together with “How we create”, the other design team, which is also doing business . It was launched at Saturday Indesign last year, and it was rather important to emphasize the relationship between the artist and the manufacturer. As described by the Marz Design: “The turned timber beads were made on the day, using a lathe so everyone could witness first-hand the process by which they were made”, what makes it important to highlight the process of making the pendant lights. Awesome, isn’t it?


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