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Boards for Notes and Small Papers

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They say that nothing motivates better than visibility. If you have a list of the important tasks and reminders, and inspirational ideas and strategic objectives in front of the eyes, then your work will be much more productive. But even if you do not work at home and sit down at the computer to rest, you probably still have notes and plans that would be good to keep “in sight”.

5 Original Ideas of  Boards for Notes and Small Papers

Magnetic board

Magnetic board

Modern electronic gadgets and planners with their reminders, of course, are useful. But not all of them are suitable. A traditional notebook will remind nothing at the right time.

We offer to acquire practical helper – a board for important notes and small papers. We collected a lot of ideas on the subject of wall-boards for notes and papers. And you will find out that most of the options are easy to do with your own hands.

Magnetic boards and planks for notes

It is one of the most popular modern solutions. It is enough to attach the board to the wall and have set of magnets. However, if you are not satisfied with the sizes of the magnetic boards in shops, you can do it with your hands using thin metal or other things that exist in the house, for example, an old tin tray, or unusual materials, such as grilles, which may be found in the Construction Market.

Cork boards for papers

Another known solution is a cork board and pins. You can select one or more boards, hung them on the wall or place them on a table. It harmoniously fit into the interior of the room, if we surround it by shelves.

Wall calendar-board

Buy a magnetic board or a chalkboard, squared with cells. Inscribe dates in each cell, and the original calendar-organizer is ready.

French boards-organizers

Is beauty for you just as important as the order? Then a French board is exactly for you. Usually they are made on the basis of a solid and durable fabric tape, which hold the notes.

Boards in original frames

A homemade board for notes can be decorated with a frame or baguette (both classical and modern). Come up with a style, choose the appropriate fabric, paper and decor – and your workplace will be transformed.


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