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Bedroom Lighting Ideas

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There are so many different lighting options for your bedroom besides the classic nightstand lamp. You can create necessary atmosphere or find lights to satisfy your every quirk and taste as well as make your bedroom look a bit more unique.

Bedroom Lights Designs

Christmas lights can really look different in two different bedrooms. They are great for creating a sleepy atmosphere or serve as ambient lights. Not for reading.

Christmas light-wrapped trees

Christmas lights

String lights can too look and be used differently in bedroom decor. Since they are larger than Christmas lights you can add a bit of character to your room with bulb shape and style. There are colorful ball lights and industrial cable lights that look very different and can add different styles to your interior.

String lights

Hanging lights

Pendants are cool. They are very popular right now and you can find lots and lots of different stylish designs on the market. But even hanging bulbs can do a world of wonder when grouped together. Some also like to hang pendants at the level of a classic nightstand lamp, but you can group them at one side hanging each one at its own height, if you feel like you don’t need them at both sides.

Pendant lights


Wall scones can be different as well. You can go for a classic design or choose cat-shaped lights or something else that shows off your individuality.



Wall lights

Rope light

Finally a simple rope light can add charm to your bedroom especially if you are into industrial chic. This one has grouped light bulbs. Cute.

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