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Bathroom Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

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Bathroom seems like such a practical place but there are so many ways to decorate it to boost your morning mood. So many accessories to add to make it more inviting and luxurious. These beautiful nothings will definitely make you feel like you are in a luxury spa and you won’t want to go.


vanity tray

Tray is a great way to organize all those little things around the vanity to prevent clutter and provide for easy cleaning. A tray can hold anything from soap bowl to scented candles. You can move it around whenver you need to and it can prevent product spills on your natural stone vanity top.



A cart is an amazing way to organize stuff like product bottles, brushes, and other accessories and hygiene accessories. It can also hold towels, drinks and candles if necessary and can be moved around a small bathroom doubling as a vanity, which is a great small space solution.


vintage screen

A vintage folding screen can be a beautiful addition to a spacious bathroom. It is not only decorative but can also be use to dress up and dress down or create a little privacy between the bath and a toilet. It will also give your bathroom a luxury look that can only be enhanced with a huge framed mirror.

Towel Basket

Towel basket

A towel basket can’t be took for granted. If you are constantly experiencing a problem of first getting into the bathtub and then remembering the towel, a basket will solve that problem once and for all. Besides it looks very luxurious and decorative with the towels rolled neatly and stacked in a pedantic tower.



If you think your bathroom could use a bit of decor, a chandelier does an amazing job of making a bath look like a room. Besides a chandelier will give your bathroom a luxury look no matter what. Also if you don’t have a flower garden to keep a flower vase on your vanity, opt for a colorful artwork or photograph.


Finally, a flower vase isn’t the only living decoration you can have in your spa bath. A potted tree that loves a bit humidity can work as well if not better.


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