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Basic Kitchen Utensils

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If you are familiar with your kitchen, and enjoy cooking at home – you know that you are practically helpless without your wonder kitchen tools! However, what are they – these magical utensils that are needed in every kitchen? Today we are going to explore most needful and basic kitchen utensils!

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Most of Kitchen Tools

Kitchen is the heart of the house, however without its utensils it would not be so helpful. In promoting healthy lifestyle and cooking at home, we are going to review five most wanted and needed utensils, which are found in the kitchens.

1. Chef’s knife

A sharp chef’s knife is an ultimate kitchen tool that no cook can ever go without! While there are a lot of options to choose from, opt for a high quality knife, even though it might cost a fortune. It is an investment, because a sharp knife provides a good kitchen experience.

2. Pots and Pans

Well, of course how can you do your cooking without pans and pots? Some indicate that Teflon pots and pans are the must-haves, while others say that the high quality pots would be enough. Cast iron coating is also preferred above all non-sticky surfaces, because it doesn’t emit toxic gases.

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3. Cutting Boards

The best cutting boards are not from wood, but from resin. They are better because they don’t splinter, and they don’t allow cuts that will be a home to bacteria. So, when choosing a cutting board – opt for quality, not price.

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4. Glass Storage Containers

Glass containers are essential because they retain the original quality of food. These are safe to use when heating, as they don’t emit unhealthy vapors.

5. Bamboo Spoons and Silicone Spatulas

These are eco-friendly choices and they also last longer. Stay away from plastic, it is toxic and it melts. The silicon spatulas are healthier and they are great in making omelets.


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