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Bake Me a Cake Project

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Some accessories are meant to be unique and have an exciting history. “Bake me a cake” is unique project made by Northern lights, Morten& Jonas company and some surprising third party. Find out more about the project in the following article!

Unique Lighting Project

Designed to represent a cute table lamp, made with unique materials: the oak wood and smoked, tinted glass, the “Bake me a Cake” lamp is an accessory with an intriguing history. Manufactured by Northern lights, the project was developed and carried out with the help of designer team from Morten& Jonas with a help of a prison inmates from Norway Bergen prison! This project is an amazing example of how collaboration can among Kriminalomsorgen region vest, major manufacturing company and individual design team can make miracles!
Quite simple in its design, the “Bake me a cake lamp” is also easy in operation. It gives off a dim light, and the light bulb is easy to change – just lift the glass and it is done! As mentioned earlier, the lamp is made with a collaboration of Bergen inmates, in the frames of the project that helps to create a meaningful activity for the inmates of the Norwegian prison. The Bake me a cake lamp is quite unique in design, simple in exploitation and most importantly has an intriguing story. Just imagine, how far the project went, when the design team from Morten & Jonas made a design, then Northern Lights manufacturing company provided the materials, and lastly the inmates of the Bergen prison has made finally the lamp as it is! An exciting route of the lamp!
The name of the lamp was inspired by story about “The cake with the file”, where a cartoon mom adds a file inside the cake she baked for her beloved son, helping him to escape with a help of it! The lamp project in its own motivated the inmates to make their lives be meaningful during the years of seclusion. The Bake me a cake lamp is quite vintage in its appearance and does have some reference to the cake shape. Being quite small in the dimension and quite light in weight, this lamp no doubt made a big difference in lives of the Bergen prison inmates.

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