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Anemone Lighting Collection

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Creative lighting fixtures not only adds a certain atmosphere to the house, it can also serve as a statement from its creator: presenting to you the Anemone Collection lights.

Ocean flowers lighting

Anemone collection is a set of lighting fixtures made by Olivia d’Aboville for HIVE company. Inspired by the ocean flowers, anemone collection is hundreds of polystyrene tentacles, which are constantly moving and creating the special underwater illusion, by being almost weightless in appearance.

Of course these little lights are not designed to give off major lights, but they are more like night time illumination, which only underlies the darkness, giving off the subtle yellowish (or any rainbow color) light. The illumination works with a LED technology, allowing the vivid color and constant motion of the anemone. It is interesting to note, that the design of these lamps is perfect for using them as decor elements. Either mounted on the wall or placed on the flour, it would be equally nice and still functional. Anemone lighting create an intriguing impression of coral like creatures, with the lighting quality and expresses the designer’s the awe before the aquatic flowers.

Anemone Collection

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