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Amazing Vases with Filling

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Vase with filling is a very simple, but incredibly beautiful version of home decor. It is simple because you can use whatever is at hand as a filler: from dried berries, candy buttons to seashells, bottle caps and slices of lemon.

How to Make Vase with Filling

Vases with slices of lemon

Vases with slices of lemon

In order to make such a vase by yourself, you only need a transparent container, flowers and a filler itself. As for the container, it can be a regular glass jar and classic clear cylinder vase of any size and shape.

It is best to use small objects as filler such as berries of dry hips, legumes, nuts, bright candy (eg, sea pebbles or peanuts in chocolate) and cinnamon sticks. You can also collect old buttons (and does not matter if different), coil Circuits, children’s designer and small letters. Moreover, you can fill the vase with water and round slices of lemon, orange or lime. See how spectacular it looks!

Since filler takes the biggest share of attention in such a vase, you should choose simple flowers. You can choose daisies, hydrangea, small carnation, lilac, cornflowers, tulips, lavender or a small bouquet of peonies.

If for you composition you chose flowers that can be “dried up”, boldly put them in a container without water. If your bouquet needs water, choose a filler that is not afraid of water. For example, items made ​​of plastic will suit well. However, there is another trick! You can put a small jar of water in the center of the vase with flowers. And the distance between the jar and the vases can be filled with decorations.


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