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Alternative Curtain Uses

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Many of us don’t imagine our homes without curtains. They dress our windows nicely and provide us with privacy. Of course, some may prefer shutters, blinds, or other window treatments but curtains can be used not only as that but also as interesting interior decorations and architecture details.

There are many alternative uses for new curtains as well as old ones. They are also quite cheap when it comes to redefining your interior plan or increasing its attractiveness and level of decor.

Creative Curtain Uses

Room dividers

Room Dividers

Curtains can make for impressive room dividers. They look luxurious and airy as opposed to short stubby wooden ones. You can also retract them easily and they won’t take up too much space. Such lightweight ‘walls’ look amazing


Using curtains as doors is a great idea when you cannot invest in a new door and want some privacy. Many use curtains to hide their wardrobes or home office nooks. These are usually chosen by their ability to blend with the walls and the interior color scheme but you can go the opposite direction and make a bright accent with them.


Outdoor Decor

What can be more beautiful than an airy curtain quivering with a breeze. It can make your porch look much more inviting as well as offer you privacy on a warm lazt afternoon. It can also be used as a door alternative between the indoor and outdoor space.

Speaking about outdoor decor a curtain can add charm to a garden arbor or be used to create a home wedding arch.

Finally you can use your curtains as usual or you could invest in some photographic ones that make for a beautiful scenery in case your window view lacks it.


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