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Accessories Storage Ideas

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Accessories are an essential part of the house decorating, yet at times we are facing the problem of storage. Here are some cute and simple ideas of storing your lovely accessories in a way that you won’t lose them and would keep everything tidy!

Simple Storing Solutions

If you are facing a problem of storing all the little items, there are several simple storing solutions, which can be really helpful. Storing your little items, such as high tech appliances, CDs and such, can obviously be stored in the drawer. However, if you are not satisfied with the storage, that everything always gets mixed up, here is what you can do – make little subdivisions in the drawer using little boxes, or perhaps DIY boxes, shoe boxes or cereal boxes seem to fit.
Well, of course the simple boxes are not really cute, but you can decorate them with wallpaper, or wrapping paper! Another idea to make crafty storage for your accessories, is to wrap the existing storage with some crafty paper! This will make your table, shelf or wherever you keep you stuff more organized. Alternatively, if you want some rustic appeal – yarn could be used for decorating the boxes, where you keep your accessories.
One of most intriguing and original ideas is to make a bulletin board with clips. But this is really specific, as for this project you will need to have a baby mattress frame. However, if you want actually anything with alike structure can be used. But, check out the idea, it’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? And gives off the nice shabby chic appeal. At last, if we are talking about jewelery that needs to be organized, how about making this cute little project – transforming the old drawer into an awesome jewelery display. Decorate the inner layer of the drawer with fabric, that you have chosen accordingly, then paint the outer shell of the drawer into an according color, matching colors of your bedroom. To make some storage possible, screw in little hooks and run a cord to store earrings, bracelets and such.

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