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7 Essential Accessories for Kitchen

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Kitchen arrangement is not the easiest thing. Therefore, those who have just started to design and plan their kitchen can consider a lot of great ideas. Certainly, it is difficult to find the perfect one that could bring all the dreams of the mistress. So you should combine some of them, using only your favorite parts.

Kitchen Renovation: 7 Essential Accessories

Wicker baskets in the kitchen

Image courtesy of Betta Living

And you can implement some new ideas even after the completion of the kitchen renovation. Do not worry! It is never too late to improve your kitchen design, for example, by adding some useful and definitely stylish elements and accessories.


You can use wicker baskets to store olive oil, vinegar, etc. it is comfortable, nice and stylish! Wicker accessories are indispensable in the kitchen! If there are open shelves, they can be filled by the baskets with the necessary things. It is very comfortable and makes the kitchen look neat and clean!

Drawers for vegetables

Certainly, potatoes and onions are small and compact vegetables, however, you still have to find a suitable place for them. And to do it is not so simple. The idea of ​​drawers with baskets is interesting and functional. Thus, vegetables are always at hand, and at the same time are hidden from prying eyes.

Drawers for utensils

What a kitchen without cooking utensils! Usually, all the kitchen utensils are just lying in a large box mixed with each other. And when you need to find an item, you spent a lot of time, effort and nerves. This situation has a simple and great way out. You just need to make several compartments in the drawer and place all your kitchen utensils there.

Built-in garbage containers

Nobody wants to see the garbage containers in the kitchen.  Organize a bottom drawer in the cabinet, in which you can put one, two or even three bins. Thus, you can keep the kitchen perfectly clean, and also care about the environment, because it is a very convenient way to sort garbage.

Large deep sink

The idea is ideal for spacious kitchens. Huge sink is very practical, especially for large families, as it is much easier and faster to wash dishes there.

Kitchenware on splash back

Accommodation of kitchen utensils on the splash back is a very practical idea. Thus, all the necessary things are always at hand.

Magnetic jars for spices

All lovers of spices are faced with their storage problem. Using magnets is a great idea. Hand an iron strip and attach there jars and bags of spices with the help of magnets.

Drawer for storing utensils

Most people store dishes on shelves or in cupboards. It is quite inconvenient when you need to get the lowest dish at the back wall. But there is one great idea. You can store utensils in drawers with special baffles.  Plates in such drawers will not touch each other and thus will not be damaged.

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