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6 Ideas of Home Bicycle Parking

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This summer cycling is at the peak of popularity. Many of us have already got these environmental transport. And even though a bicycle looks maneuverable, in the walls of the apartment it often seems to be big and clunky. Especially for those who do not have a garage or balcony, we will tell a few secrets of how to enter a bike into the interior harmoniously and without prejudice to the living space.

Bicycle Storage in Home Interior: 6 Useful Ideas

Hanging bike

Hanging bike

Hang the bike

The best known way to save space is a vertical layout. If your bike does not fit under your bed, the place for it can easily be found on the wall. And if you’re lucky enough to live under the high ceilings, Bicycle parking can be arranged directly overhead.

Make multifunctional fasteners

If we are to optimize the bike place on the wall at one hundred percent, the holder for the bicycle can also serve as, for example, a shelf.

New functions for the bike

You can give your bike new functions in the interior. For example, the frame can replace a cloakroom hanger.

Use the secret area of the living space

There are so-called blind spots in every house, which are just begging to hide something. Traditionally, they are under the stairs or behind the doors. We to keep vacuum cleaners and ironing board there, and cyclists may well arrange their own small garage there.

Use the bike as a way of zoning area

We often use screens, bar counters and color of the walls for the purposes of zoning large rooms. Your two-wheeled transport will suit for this role no worse than them. In this case, the locking device for your bike can be made with your own hands and will look very stylish.

Turn your bike into an art object

If your bike brings to you not only physical benefits, but also aesthetical pleasing, then you can make it the focal point by turning it in a work of art and interior decoration.

By the way, really beautiful and beloved bikes can continue to serve as a decoration for your home, even when they are out of order.


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