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5 Unusual Door Handles

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What is the door? In fact, it is a barrier that separates one room from another. And it can be opened only if it has a small but essential item – a door handle. Modern designers seek every possible way to improve this necessary detail and make it more functional.

Five Unusual Designer Door Handles

Disappearing door handle by Arnaud Lapierre

Disappearing door handle by Arnaud Lapierre

Disappearing door handle by Arnaud Lapierre

French designer Arnaud Lapierre created an unusual handle that disappears when the door is closed. The fact that the handle on the other side of the door can be pulled inside, so that it would be lured into the door and simply disappear for those who are outside. This option is very convenient if you do not want to be disturbed. The hidden handle will be a “stop” signal.

Door handle with note holder by Yota Kakuda

And here is a great example of how the regular door handle can perform another function – the function of a note holder. Such handle can be very useful for all, as it is impossible to miss a note left in it.

Door handle with a view

If you want to see whether your child is studying or playing games on the PC, use a door handle made by a designer Hideyuki Nakayama. You will get a complete view of what is happening in the other room. It is a double-sided handle and displays the rooms from the both sides of the door.

Numlock Handle

If you need to block access to the premises for others, then simply use a door handle Numlock Handle with combination lock. You will never lose the key of the lock, because it is stored in your memory. The designer Jaeseok Han says that this handle can be used everywhere: in offices, closets, etc.

Self-sterilizing door handle

Designer Choi Bomi developed and presented a self-sterilizing door handle. The idea is elementary. the The handle has inside an integrated self-cleaning system using ultraviolet light. In a time when no one touches the door handle, the lamp is in the active mode, disinfecting surface of the object. When someone touches the handle the UV lamp turns off automatically.

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