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5 Tips on Adding Personality to Bedroom

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If you are concerned about your bedroom not expressing your personality and want to change it we are sharing some ways of adding that personality to your bedroom with certain accessories.

Ideas on Personalizing the Bedroom

bedroom tips

1. Linen Variety

One of the easiest ways of adding personality to your bedroom is playing with linen textures and patterns. Heavy velvet along with cotton makes for a cozy atmosphere in the room. If you are concerned with compatibility of textures, try combining the different fabric samples. As mentioned by a professional designer: “The more layering in a bedroom, the more comfortable the room becomes”.

2. Wall Art

An artwork in your bedroom will add that special something that is missing. It doesn’t have to be a reproduction of Monet: a simple art piece that you think portrays your personality or speaks out loud about your preferences would be good. Or perhaps, this artwork is very far from representating you as a person, but perhaps it echoes with some of your memories – still a good choice.

bedroom tips

3. Reading Nook

Let’s face it, most of us read in bed. Why not create a special reading nook so you can have a quiet and relaxing place to read your favorite novel in close proximity of a cozy bed? Another way to accessorize your sleeping area and a reading nook is to add some sensual scented candles.

4. Pops of Color

Occasional pops of colors are definite eye-catchers. If you want to have a theme in decor there has to be at least 3 pieces in same color.

5. Furnishing Details

When decorating your bedroom, it is important to pay attention to details as they add that special atmosphere, which the room lacks: paint the wardrobe another color and it will look like new, add throw pillows and your bed will look entirely different. Try and experiment!

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