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23 Towel Storage Ideas for Bathroom

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You can find accessories for hanging two or three towels almost any store of things for home: hooks, rods or hangers. But when you need to place the spare towels or folded large bath towels within the bathroom, the choice does not seem so wide.

23 Ideas of Storing Towels in Bathroom

Wall display for towels in bathroom

Wall display for towels in bathroom

We decided to save your time and collected in this gallery 23 practical ideas of storing towels, among which you can find some options for your particular bathroom. All ideas can be divided into two major categories, including 7 types of storage.

How to put towels under the sink

This way of storing spare towels is most convenient, when there is no cabinet with doors under the sink, or the sink is hanging, or it is built into the countertop.

Shelves, racks, containers

Sometimes shelves are supplied with hanging sink. In other cases you can supplement the sink with shelves by yourself. Lattice provides optimal ventilation. If you prefer indoor storage, put ordinary plastic containers on the shelves under the sink or make a pretty drape.

Bath towels in baskets

Towels in baskets look originally, and have an obvious allusion to country or eco-charm. Select the baskets, taking into account the number of towels and the size of free space under the sink.

Compact ways to store towels in a small bathroom

We found the five techniques that are suitable for a bathroom of any size, but they are particularly relevant in a small bathroom.


Ideal option is to search manufactured displays. If you are ready to make a stand display with your own hands, you will need a long board as a basis, on which you can fix a narrow ledge and\ or a basket.

Towel racks

It is only factory options: modern or vintage.

Boxes and bags

Another way to store towels is in rolls. The container can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf.

Convenient shelves for towels

We recommend you to search such shelves, which involve storage of towels on both top and bottom sides. If these shelves do not suit you at a price, purchase and supplement a usual shelve with bottom reiling or hooks.

Towel storage in niche

If you have a niche in the bathroom, it is great for storing towels. Want to add beauty? Put towels on one shelve and any décor on the next one.

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