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10 Items Made of Terracotta

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Ten Italian designers from the FID group (Federazione Italiana del Design) released a collection of terracotta objects to emphasize the importance of the material for the Italian industry and material culture. Each of the participants in the Terracotta Everyday project worked on the creation of an object for the house together with the artisans. Although the terracotta dominates in the collection, the designers sometimes combined it with other materials – wood, silicone, glass and metal.

10 Items Made of Terracotta by Italian Designers and Craftsmen

10 objects made of terracotta

10 objects made of terracotta

Terracotta is a markable material for the entire Mediterranean. In each house you will find an Italian vase, a pot or countertop made of terracotta ​​by local craftsmen. We decided to pay tribute to their work and this practical and beautiful material.

Collection of caps for wine – Charlot

Designer Andrea Sciarrino has teamed up with master Walter Castelnuovo to create a collection of caps for wine called Charlot, which are attached to each other, turning in terracotta figurines.

Portable stools

Marta Polenghi invented portable stools for the garden and terraces made ​​of water resistant terracotta and red latex manufactory La Castellamonte.


Cooler designed by Daniele Bortotto (Manufactory Ceramiche 3B) is a capacity for cooling drinks, consisting of two vessels: external and internal. You will need to pour liquid into the inner container and put ice to the outer one.

Lampada fixtures

Martina Bartoli designed abstract lights called Lampada with the help of crafsmen from Laboratorio San Rocco.

Line tables

Sottosasso manufacture produced Line tables designed by Francesca Sciarmella: their countertop consists of three layers-trays.

Marte table

Another table – Marte – has three bowl-shaped indentations for different things. It is designed by Alessio Monzani, and made by a craftsman Boris Proietti.

The Portugal Stove

Designer Jacopo Sarzi adapted a pot for cooking meat or fish to the traditional Portuguese terracotta. The thing is called The Portugal Stove. And it was made by Stephanie Sommet.

Squeezer and Tegola

Jacopo Ferrari also came up with kitchen utensils and made a juicer Squeezer (made by Maria Luisa Tribolo) and a vase for fruits  called Tegola (made by Ceramiche Milesi).

Tanque pots

Rui Pereira came up with unusual pots called Tanque with a hole to drain excess water, a plug, and molded bases of granite or pine. They were made by Irmãos Regas and Manuel Rêga.


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